A Nice Run to Takaido and Wadabori Park

 Last Saturday, I had a nice long run to Koenji.  I did find the temple the station was named after.

In front of Asagaya Station.

Hikawa Jinja Shrine by Koenji Station.

Koenji Temple.

A gasoline station.

Kan-Nana Road.

Momozonogawa Green Walk.

Another temple.

Children playing baseball.

Construction by Zenpukuji River.

A big field - a father and son were playing catch.

Very nice track of Wadabori Park.

Baseball players.

A re-constructed ancient house.

A store with many vending machines.

More baseball players.

An old Ukiyoe depicting Ryogokubashi Bridge.

Sankaku Hiroba.

Hyotan-Ike Pond.

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