A Nice Sunday Run

Yesterday - it was a beautiful winter day for my wife and I to go for a run.

The entrance to Kashiwanomiya Park in Suginami-ku.

A nice teahouse - originally that of a lord of Obama-han during Edo Period.

Inokashira-dori avenue just north of the station.

Suginami Childrens' Traffic Park - a great place for the kids to play and learn about traffic rules.

"Degoichi" or D51 steam locomotive displayed at the park.

"Kanpachi" or Ring Road No. 8 by Ogikubo Station.

A pretty big plum tree with early blossom.

Inokashira Line train between Kichijoji and Inokashira Koen stations.

Looking at the play are and the pond from a trail of Inokashira Park.

Steps that leads to Kichijoji station from the park.

A crowd gathering around a street performer by the Benzaiten Shrine.

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