A Nice Walk in Aioi

I stayed overnight in Aioi, Hyogo last week.  It is a small city, but Shinkansen stops.  I could take a nice walk in the morning of Friday.

This is the entrance to Zenkoji Temple - formerly a local feudal lord's fortress.

I took a back-trail up to the top.

By the temple, also was shinto shrine.

The view of the area where the fortress used to be - the building on the right is the temple.

There's a nice little harbor.

Students running by the port.

A sunrise over the temple.

The local junior high school - students were already there in the school ground.

A monument at a park - distances to major cities are shown - from left - Sydney, Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, San Francisco, New York, Mexico City, and Rio de Janeiro.

Students arriving on bicycles.

Aioi bridge - spans over the harbor.

Peronjo - a shopping complex that looks Chinese.

A view from Aioi Bridge - the building on the left is a big factory.

A nice picture drawn on a commercial building.

There are many rivers in Aioi.

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