Another Run to Shakujii Park

Yesterday, I could run with my wife to Shakujii Park which is about 5 km away from my home.  The weather was clear, but the temperature only went up to 6 degrees Celsius.

On the way there, we saw school children - although it was Saturday.

Swings at the park.

Shakujii Pond - on the east side of the park.

There are nice houses along the pond.

The walkway along the pond.

Volunteers were planing flowers at the garden.

Ducks by the boat area.

 A grey heron was there.

A very early plum blossom.

A photographer on the boardwalk of Sanpoji Pond - on the west side.

A view of the pond.

Benten Shrine.

Hikawa Jinja - a shrine affiliated with the original one in Omiya.

An Ema depicting the Animal of the Year - the Rooster.

A bamboo trail close from the park.

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