An Early Morning Run in Hiroshima

Yesterday morning, I had a nice run in Hiroshima.  I started running around 6:20 am - and it was very cold.

Hiroshima Castle - the original one was built in 1589.  Of course, the current one was re-built after the war.

 This building was known as Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall until 1945. 

The Peace Memorial Monument - aligned with the Atomic Dome.

A new bridge is being built over the river by the Peace Memorial Park.

A big road by the Memorial Park is called Promenade of Peace.

A monument to let us know there used to be a school for girls stood here.

 Looking towards the east on Promenade of Peace.  A rocket ship in the air?

Enkou Bridge - a concrete bridge that was built in 1926.

The bridge is approx. 1.82 km away from the ground zero, but survived the explosion.  The eagle other metal ornaments were recently restored.

A detail of the handrail of the bridge - cute.

A street car arriving at the south side of Hiroshima Station.

This is such a beautiful city - and so peaceful.

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