A Nice Run in Toyohashi

Thursday morning, I was in Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture.  Although time was limited, I enjoyed running and exploring about the area a bit.

A view of Toyo River (Toyokawa)  from Yoshida Bridge.  The old wooden bridge is depicted in this Ukiyoe.

An entrance to Toyohashi Park.  It was actually a castle ground until Meiji Restration and then it was the home for the Imperial Army's 18th Infantry until the end of WWII.  The structure on the left is the remain of the guard station.

The only re-constructed building of the old Yoshida Castle.  I learned that the area that is now Toyohashi was known as  Yoshida until 1871.

The building above is the left top one in this old map.

A remain of the  moat.

A statue of an ancient warrior.

A memorial of the 18th Infantry.

A view of the river seen from the castle.

A Christian church.

Toyohashi City Public Hall - built in 1922.

A manhole depicts the public hall and a tram.

Tokaido - a historical route between Edo and Kyoto.  The town of Yoshida was the 34th stop of the total 54 of the route - counting from Edo.

A cute statue named "Nakayoshi" or "Good Friends."

A gym building of a local elementary school.

A street car.

Another manhole - this one shows a freight ship of the port.

A view of the streets by Toyohashi Station.

Inside the station building - a hand painted pictures show the city mascot.

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