Two Morning Runs in Western Shanghai

I was back in Shanghai - the first time in about 1 year.  I could put in two nice runs in western part of the city.

On Friday, I went up north until I hit Suzhou Creek ran along it towards east from my hotel.

A big poster like this reminds us that this is a communist country.

An interesting building with a rock-looking design.

I love the fragrance of sweet osmanthus.

Close up of the flowers.

Little bamboo trees.

 An interesting new building with trees under construction.

I presume these are art on a wall of a building.

And these seem to be grafittis.

Construction workers.

Bicycles along a walk way.

Shanghai Railway Station - it looked very nice.

A cute mascot of a Jiaozi restaurant.

Vertical workers.

Wujiang Road.

A Japanese restaurant.

A little gate.

Must be a good restaurant.

Shanghai Exhibition Centre is having a Fashion Week..

And this morning, I ran south - all the way down to Huangpu River.

Interesting monument - Nobility of Time by Dali by my hotel.

A peaceful pond with lotus leaves of Jing'an Park.

The temple for which the area must have been named after.

This area of Shanghai has many  nice trees along streets.

A China Post Box.

A demolition of something closer to the river.

 The area by the river was spacious and nice.  Saw many people running.

Dancers at Fuxing Park.  Actually, I saw many old people gathered there.

Nicely re-done residential area.

Yanzhong Park.

The park is below where two expressways (North-South Elevated Road and Yan'an Elevated Road) cross.

Nice willow trees.

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