My First Run in Geneva

I am very happy to be in Geneva, Switzerland.  I went for my first run here Sunday morning.

The entrance to United Nations.

The gate to the Flags of UN was open.

There were many people gathered by Broken Chair.  Learned that they were getting ready to run in the UN grounds - and I could join them!

Our group was for 8 km distance - but the actual distance was more like 9.15 km.

A part of the run was through Conservatoire et Jardin Botanique.

Some parts of the run had a narrow paths.

Coloring leaves were beautiful.

Running towards Musée Ariana.

The finish!

We were treated with food and drinks.

After the official run, I ran down towards the lake - here's a nice statue of a boy and a horse in Parc Mon Repos.

Seagulls by Lake Geneva.

A sightseeing trolley was empty.

Big trees - back in Conservatoire et Jardin Botanique.

Hope I will have more chance to run while I am here.

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