A Local Run - a Week After The Storm

Yesterday morning, I went for a nice run with my wife.  We found that most of the fallen trees were now cut, but have not been cleared.

This one - over the trail by Tamagawa Josui has not been taken care of.

A collapsed swing frame - not sure whether this was a storm damage.

In Inokashira Park, most fallen trees were at least cut.

At Gotenyama, two people were cutting trees.

Boys playing baseball at Daini Park.

This is by the new playground area.

The Ghibli Bus was parked by the Museum.

A construction is going on by the tennis courts.

More cut trees by the pond.

A big spider web of "Joro Gumo".

Fallen trees were cleared by the stage area.

The damaged clock shows that the big tree probably fell at 20 min. past midnight of the 1st.

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