A Run Along Nogawa and Fuchu Parks

I had a beautiful run on Tuesday.  I started at Nogawa Park and ran upstream along Nogawa River a while, then turned down south to stop by parks of Fuchu.

There were people exercising at Nogawa Park.

A line of elder ladies walking along Nogawa River.

The entrance to the Nature Observation Garden.

It is very peaceful in the garden.

A little pond by Musashino Park.

Onions were growing by apartments.

Sengenyama Park - a little mountain by Tama Cemetery.

Atop Sengenyama - a little tori with a shrine.

Little daylily flowers were pretty at Sengenyama Park.

Very nice trail of Sengenyama Park.

Heiwakinen (Peace Memorial) Park adjacent to Fuchunomori (Forest of Fuchu) Park.

A statue of a girl with a dove.  She looks as if she's praying.

There was a big fenced area by the park.

I then realized the area used to be a US military occupied area - it is crumbling.

I wonder what they plan to do with the area.

Fuchu Park - much less known park of the area compared to Fuchunomoni Park - elderly people were playing Gateball.

Nice little pond of Chofu Park.

A Japanese Garden of Chofunomori Park.

A nice grand fountain of Chofunomori Park.

A long promenade.

The park has a nice grassy area - great for kids to run around.

Children playing "Darumasanga koronda".

Families enjoying picnic in the park.

Chofu is a great place to raise children, that's for sure.

Tama Station - closest one from Tama Cemetery.

A train arrived at Tama Station.

Musashinonomori (Forest of Musashino) Park - this used to be US military area called Kantomura.  This link describes both Kantomura and Chofu Airbase.

A wartime aircraft hangar preserved in Musashinonomori Park.  Very low ceiling to avoid detection by the enemy bombers.

Description of the hangar - it used to store Hien.

Closer to my home - a big construction was going on.

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