A Run on Children's Day

It was Children's Day Holiday in Japan yesterday.  I could go for a nice run - mostly along Kanda River and back on Tamagawajosui.  I could stop at parks close from them.

Children playing in Kanda River close from Sankaku Hiroba.

Koinobori made by little children were displayed by Mitakadai Station.

Iris flowers are beautiful this season.

Azelea flowers in full blossom.
A big smokestack by Takaido Station.


A nice area by Mitsuinomori Park.

A reconstruction of Jomon Period house in Tsukayama Park.

A picture of how this area used to be some 4,000 years ago.

A baseball players were warming up.

This was a great day to get futons dried by the Sun.

Flowers at Migawarifudoson.

Trees at the intersection of Kanpachi(Ring Road 8) and Koshu Kaido were cut down.

Along Koshukaido, constructions are going on.

The cut-down trees looked like these before - the same fate may await these, too.

The area south of Fujimigaoka.

A nice green walking road along Tamagawajosui.

Dandelion flowers turned into seeds.

Pretty purple flowers.

More construction along Tamagawajosui.

This area - south of Kugayama used to be a nice garden, but it is now gone.

Iwatsu Bridge is now finished.

The road will be nice when it is finished.

Hitomi Kaido Road.

Bamboo shoots.

Small farm area south of Inokashirakoen Station.

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