A Run Down to Soshigaya Then Along Senkawa River

I had a great run to Soshigaya-Okura Station area and back along Senkawa (or Sengawa) River yesterday, the last day of Golden Week.

A Keio Line train track by Rokakoen Station.

A Jizo temple close from Rokakoen Park.

North entrance of Ultraman Shotengai (Shopping Street).

An old apartment buildings ("Danchi").

I thought it was Kaiju, but the statue is that of an owl.

A Koshinzuka temple - reminder of Koshin worship of the past.

Getting closer to Soshigaya Okura Station.

A square just north of the station - a mother was photographing her daughter in front of Ultraman statue.

The entrance of the station - just like any other.

The station seen from the north side - guess it looks cool.

The gate of the south end of Ultraman Shotengai.

Toho Studios - where movies are made.

A walker in front of Seijo Gakuen Education Institute.

Students were playing field hockey.

Beautiful wisteria flowers were still blossoming.

A creek with a family - Father looks most serious with catching fish.

Sengawa River.

Rokusho Jinja Shrine of Kyuden, Setagaya-ku.

A dog walker along Sengawa.

Little girls were picnicking.

Katsubuchi Shrine.

A plum orchard by Sengawa Park.

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