Momoi Harappa Park + Zenpukuji Park

This morning - in rain, I had a semi-long run past Ogikubo Station, then came around Momoi Harappa Park and then back through Zenpukuji Park area.

South east Entrance to Momoi Harappa Park.

This area was a Nakajima Aircraft factory from 1932 - 1945.  Then from 1966 until 1998, Nissan's auto factory stood.

A view of the park from the north-west end.

The main entrance gate to the shrine.

The main building "Haiden".

Wooden Wishing Plaques "Ema".

This is an unusual shaped one.

The holy pine tree is still fairly new - the original one that was said to have been hand planted by Minamoto no Yoritomo, the founder of Kamakura Shogunate.

This is a section of the original pine tree.

The map of the shrine.

Zenpukuji Temple - the park that bears its name is more famous.

Zenpukuji Park.

A pretty tree branches with leaves and white flowers droop down to the pond.

Ichikishima Jinja Shrine stands on a little island of the pond.

The steps for the official entrance to the shrine.

Osonoi (late) spring - the supplier of the water to the pond.

Uchida Shugoro - Mayor of then Village of Iogi who helped develop the area in early 20th Century.

Lotus flowers were pretty.

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