Fushimi Park and Musashiseki Park

I had another nice run this morning.  This time, I ran by Musashino Chuo Park, then Higashifushimi Park and Musashiseki Park.

A farm field south of Musashino Chuo Park.

Early summer flowers were pretty at Chuo Park.

Volunteers were setting something up for an event.

Big red Torii of Higashifushimi Inari Shrine.

Higashifushimi Park - it is still under construction.

A long slide.

Seibu Shinjuku Line - seen from the park.

A train arrived at Higashi-Fushimi Station.

The south entrance of the station.

A little street leading to Musashiseki Park.

A photographer aiming his big camera at ducks on the pond.

A senior citizen clean-up crew - thanks to them, the park is kept tidy.

A golf practice driving range north of Zenpukuji Park.

A flowers were pretty at a vacant lot close from home.

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