Waseda - Toyama Park - Momozono-River Green Promenade Run

This morning, I ran from Waseda Station back home.

Station Exit.

Ana Hachimangu Shrine - very close from the station.

Baseball practice at a field at the north east end of Toyama Park.

A runner in the park.

A soccer tournament.

Children walking down to a valley of the park.

A monument of Hakoneyama - a nickname for this area - used to be an army school.


An interesting plate on top of the hill.

Woody area of the park.

Southwest end of the park.

A Korean market close from Shin-Okubo Station.

A view of Shinjuku skyscrapers from Kanda River.

The beginning of Momozono-gawa Green Promenade - used to be a river - the entire river was converted into a culvert by around 1970.

An area south of Higashi-Nakano Station.

A map of the Promenade.

JEDI Haircut place.

A tile on the promenade depicts Kaguyahime.

A remains of an old bridge.

Another one.

An abandoned Yatai by Ring Road 7 (Kan-nana) Road.

A nice entrance gate to the promenade south of Koenji.

Walkers - families with little kids.

A shopping street south of Koenji.

Otters probably lived in the river.

An old picture of the river from around 1835.

The path gets narrow.

A Koshinzuka (a remains of old religious site) north of Asagaya.

A little park.

Tennuma Hachiman Shrine - north of Ogikubo Station.

Tennuma Benten Park.

Cyclists at Ring Road 8 (Kanpachi).

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